• To have transparent management and strict to Corporate Governance
  • To increase capacity to use potential of Human Resource Management with high performance to compete and gain economic value dynamically
  • To provide wild animal welfare by setting policy and procedure on environment. Encourage and support the zoos to have Green Organization Management according to international standard to support ASEAN Economic Community
  • To improve quality of learning center management standard to be society of leaning
  • To have good culture and value about services. To provide service professionally.
  • To have good culture and value about services. To provide service professionally.
  • To conserve, study and research to come up with new knowledge about wild animal and environment and to create innovation.
  • To develop business system that is ECO Friendly in concurrence with the operation that promotes Green Zoo policy and support income base expansion for self-sufficiency in the future.

  1. Elevate standard of zoo and wild animal research center of Thailand to international level sustainably
  2. Promote good image and excellence of Zoological Park Organization and zoos under its supervision, so that it is accepted both at national and international levels

No. 1 Transparent Management and Corporate Governance
Target To improve organizational management to be transparent and strict to Corporate Governance. Adjust regulations to be suitable for the operation of the organization and pay attention to both performance and continuous work improvement process which will result in overall success of the organization.

Strategy No. 2 Green Organization Management
Target To improve Human Resource Management System and to promote wild animal welfare management. To implement environmental policy according to international standard to prepare to enter ASEAN Economic Community. Also to adjust roles and focus on responding to wild animal preservation and environment friendly trend.

Strategy No. 3 being Learning Center for Wild Animal and Environmental Education
Target To develop into Learning Center for Wild Animal and Environmental Education that covers the Target Group in school system, Target Group outside school system and informal Education for lifelong education. To have monitoring and supervision system in terms of Knowledge Management Development/Administration continuously. Integrate modern information technology in the design and preparation of quality educational media

Strategy No. 4 Service Providing for Excellence
To create organization with culture and common value of good service provision like professional. To gain customer satisfaction. To consider service mind as the main mandatory ability. To have quality assessment and certification for the service all over the organization. To match the services which are the main strength to the need of main target group.

Strategy No. 5 Preservation, Study, Research and Innovation Creation
Target To develop the organization by focusing on preservation and research in order to develop knowledge about wild animal and environment and create innovation that supports quality operation along with the publication of research and academic works to general public efficiently. To form alliance and cooperate with organizations in government and private sectors and local community to support the roles in preservation and research and innovation creation become acceptable at international level.

Strategy No. 6 Eco Friendly Business System Development
Target To develop the organization with effective marketing, social activity publication, and ECO Friendly product creation which receives resources from the supports by various sectors, in order to earn income or commercial value that covers and matches with the need of the main target group.